General Policies

ALL Swimmers must be a resident of Playa Vista. If you move address you must update us with your new address. If you leave Playa Vista you cannot continue with the swimming programs.

Classes and lessons are conducted at the Centre Pointe Club pool, 6200 Playa Vista Drive, Playa Vista.

Trial Members and New Members must be registered before attending your first swimming session.

Returning Members must notify us by e-mail or https://playavistaswimming.com/contact-us/ before attending your first swimming session back.

All memberships for lessons and swimming groups must be run through the swimming club.

Parents must stay on poolside for the duration of the swimming lesson or class.


Swimming Lesson Policies

Swimmer comes once a week and gets 4 lessons a month. All lessons must be used in the month they are paid for and not carried over or to the next month. Make up lessons are subject to instructor’s availability. No transferring lessons to other swimmers. No lesson carry overs from previous month.

All scheduling or cancelations must be done by text message between you and your instructor.

Cancelations must be made by 6pm night before or you will be charged for the session.

No makeup classes for cancelations due to weather.

For private and semi-private lessons equipment will be provided. Swimmer must bring goggles and wear a Playa Vista Swimming silicon hat. To order a hat e-mail us or visit https://playavistaswimming.com/shop/.

Babies and young kids must wear swim diapers. If a child accidentally defecates in the pool there is a cleaning fee fine given to parents from CentrePointe Club.


Swimming Club Policies (Kids and Adults classes)

All classes start at shallow end of large pool. We usually use the first 2-3 lanes closest to the club house. Look out for large “Reserved” signs posted at the end of the lane. Parents need to make sure their child is at the shallow end and on time for their class. Coaches are not responsible for collecting children from other parts of the pool.

Sometimes coaches change, and parents and children may not recognize the new coach. Please wait at shallow end of the pool so a new coach knows you are there for class.

If a coach is running late please wait at the shallow end at the end of the first lane until they show up.

The coach must approve any graduation of children up to the next swimming group. Each swimming group has prerequisites and they must be met to maintain swimming standards of each group.

Swimmer must bring goggles and wear a Playa Vista Swimming silicon hat. To order a hat e-mail us or visit https://playavistaswimming.com/shop/.

For all Kids swimming groups child must bring junior pool buoy https://goo.gl/oUZQ91 and junior kickboards https://goo.gl/RSSuR5.

Swimming clubs swim tests are on Monday and Wednesday 3.15pm. To confirm you will be there e-mail us or https://playavistaswimming.com/contact-us/.

If a member is put on hold we can’t guarantee their spot if our swimming lanes are at maximum capacity.

Guppies class – There are no makeup sessions for classes missed. If you want to change classes to a different time there is a $25 moving fee.



Members first bill will be prorated. If you joined between 1st to 7th no proration, 8th to 15th 75% proration, 16th to 23rd 50% proration and 24th to 31st 25% proration. Only the starting month is prorated. There are no prorations for the month you finish.

Members are billed on the first of each month.

One time $25 registration fee for new members.

$25 reinstatement fee for returning members.

Playa Vista Swimming charges on your credit card will show up as “Club Assistant” or “Club Assistant Event Billing”.

We do not offer refunds.


Cancelation Policy

To cancel or hold membership you must notify us by e-mail or https://playavistaswimming.com/contact-us/. Your request must be received 5 days before the end of the month or you will be billed for the next month.


We are Closed on these National Holidays:

Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving (Thursday to Sunday)
Holiday Week (Dec 25 to Jan 1st)


Weather Policy

Two hours before swimming practice we will check the weather on our website https://playavistaswimming.com/weather/ We don’t want to cancel any sooner because in LA it can be raining one moment and dry the next. Swimming practice will be canceled if air temperature drops below 50 degrees, heavy rain or thunder/lightning. If you don’t hear from us by email assume practice is as normal.