Junior Lifeguard

What is the Junior Lifeguard Program?

The Junior Lifeguard Summer Camp is run every summer by the LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division for boys and girls in Los Angeles County. The program is designed to instruct youth (ages 9 through 17) in beach and ocean skills including instruction in water safety, swimming, body surfing, surfing, physical conditioning, competition skills, first aid, lifesaving, rescue techniques, CPR and the use of professional lifesaving equipment.

In order to become a JG, your child must complete a 100-yard pool swim test under:
1:50 for 9-11 year olds – C Group
1:40 for 12-13 year olds – B Group
1:30 for 14-17 year olds – A Group

The first test is usually near the end of April @ Loyola Marymount University in addition to two other opportunities to test in May. We recommend the kids to be ready by the first test date because the sooner a child passes, the more likely he/she will be to get assigned to their beach of choice. (First come, first served.)

The Junior Lifeguard Program here at Playa Vista Swimming is designed to prepare the children for the Junior Lifeguard test. Our program runs all year round on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm to 5pm. February through May we primarily focus on endurance/speed training to get the children under their age group qualifying time and they get additional coaching on technique, proper breathing and flip turns. June through January we focus more on life-guarding skills for example tread water, towing, rescues etc. Some of our participants chose not to participate in the LA Fire Department summer camps and prefer to swim with us all year round.


For: Water safe children who need to qualify for the Junior Lifeguard summer camp. Water safe children who can swim full laps of the big pool (25 yards) and are familiar with all four strokes
Prerequisite: Water Safe and comfortably swim 25 yards (1 length of big pool) using front crawl without stopping
Goal: Pass the Junior Lifeguard test
Where: Centre Pointe Club in Playa Vista (swimmer must be a resident)
Ages: 8 years and up
Duration: Twice a week for 60 minutes
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Times: 4pm to 5pm
Equipment needed: Goggles, junior kickboard, junior pull buoy and PVS Silicon Swim Hat
Cost: $120 a month membership (automatically billed)
Notes: Water Safe means swimmer can rescue themselves if they fall into a body of water fully clothed. For more information on LAFD Junior Guards visit https://www.fire.lacounty.gov/lifeguard/lifeguard-youth-programs. For up to date information on the tests visit http://www.fire.lacounty.gov/lifeguard/lifeguard-youth-programs/jg-swim-test.

*Please register your child here and on the billing page check the “JUNIOR LIFEGUARD” program.

Online registration

*There is a $25 registration fee for new members. If you are a current or former member of Playa Vista Swimming e-mail us at playavistaswimming@gmail.com. Tell us your child’s name and you would like to enroll them in the Junior Lifeguard program.