Advanced class for children who are strong swimmers.


For: Water safe children who can swim full laps of the big pool (25 yards) and are familiar with all four strokes. Swimmers average 30+ lengths per session. They will learn how to dive and do flip turns.
Prerequisite: Swimmer must be proficient in all four strokes, and be able to swim 100 yards (4 lengths of big pool) front crawl without stopping.
Goal: Swimmer to learn diving and flip turns, and swim 200 yards (8 lengths of big pool) front crawl without stopping.
Where: Center Pointe Club in Playa Vista (swimmer must be a resident).
Ages: 8 years and up
Days and times options: Monday 3.45pm to 4.45pm, Wednesday 3.45pm to 4.45pm or Saturday 1pm to 2pm.
Equipment needed: Goggles, junior kickboard, junior pull buoy and PVS Silicon Swim Hat.
Cost: Twice a week is $100 a month and three times a week is $120 a month (membership is automatically billed).
Notes :Water Safe means swimmer can rescue themselves if they fall into a body of water fully clothed.
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*Please register your child here and on the billing page check the "DOLPHINS" program.

*There is a $25 registration fee. Billing is automatically charged on the 1st of each month. First month will be prorated. To stop please let us know 5 days before the start of the next month to avoid being billed.

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Dolphins Testimonials

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"We just moved here in August and heard about the swimming club from our neighbors. I registered my daughter and since the first day she joined she has really enjoyed the swimming club. She was very sad to miss one session this week. Coach Peter is great, the kids love him and they learn a lot. All made significant progress from the first day I have seen them. I think offering additional classes will be wonderful and a value-add to Playa Vista and its community!!! Many thanks!"


"My 9-year-old daughter has been participating with the swimming club program since summer 2014. She initially was willing to just "try it out" and very quickly found herself loving it and has not wanted to quit ever since. I am very happy with this program and have seen the tremendous benefit that it has provided for her. She has improved drastically with her swimming skills and techniques. In addition, her physical and mental conditioning have helped her develop so much more endurance and self-confidence, not only with swimming but also with all of her other sports including soccer which she helped her team get 1st place in their division. My daughter loves this program and its coaching staff. I would recommend it to anyone. Sincerely."